Summer 2021 Domestic Truck Update

Summer 2021 Domestic Truck Update

Shipment and expenditures for this month have set the highest records in 30 years. While this benefits carriers, shippers and consumers will see significant growth in the high demand vs. low supply issue with capacity. The auto industry has improved, offering more trucks, but this still outweighs the demand for them. Decreases are expected, however slowly though the remainder of 2021.

A new perspective on increased driver pay is being taken by carriers. They are striving harder to work towards getting drivers near their homes quicker, but are offering the incentive of a base pay minimum as long as drivers are willing to be available. Even if they are not needed, they will be paid for availability.

June 1st marked the first day of hurricane season.
Hurricane manifestation depends on ocean temperatures. The warmer the ocean, the more hurricanes and tropical storms. Luckily, the oceans are not as warm this year as they were in 2020, so this season is expected to be safer than last year. Even given this, hurricane season is here and can impact transportation.

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